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Shamir Golf ImageAre you a golfer? Then you might be interested in Shamir Golf™ which is a Freeform® lens designed to ensure you experience a great game of golf. How does this work? The three vision zones are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to maximize their viewing: the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet, and the green in the distance. Shamir Golf provides sharp focus without distortion in those crucial areas and also provides a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly for an accurate drive or putt.

As a golfer, your peripheral vision is extremely important when lining up to take a swing. It is critical to be able to focus on the ball at your feet while at the same time being able to see where you want the ball to do in the distance. Your peripheral zone needs to be crystal clear. Shamir Golf is designed specifically for wraparound frames and has a clear peripheral vision zone so you can continue to improve your golf game!


• Specialty lens designed specifically for the golf enthusiast
• Designed to ensure sharp vision at 3 crucial focal points
• 19mm fitting height
• Utilizes As-Worn Technology™

Why you need it:

• Provides the player with a more comfortable golfing experience
• Clear peripheral viewing
• Personalized to your specific vision needs

Contact us to learn more about Shamir Golf to take advantage of these lenses designed to enhance your vision while enjoying the game you love.

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